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Strategic Planning: The only thing worse than not writing your book is to write the wrong book or to write a book that doesn’t do what you want it to do.

Cover Design: A well-designed book cover can attract readers and make a strong first impression.

Writing Workshops and Courses: These can help authors improve their craft and develop their writing skills.

Beta Readers: Feedback from beta readers can provide valuable insights into the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses.

Editing and Proofreading: Professional editing ensures that the manuscript is error-free, well-structured, and engaging for readers.

Research Assistance: For research-intensive projects, research services can save time and ensure accuracy.

Self-Publishing Assistance: Services that support self-published authors with formatting, distribution, and marketing can be invaluable.

Literary Agents: Agents can assist with manuscript submissions, contract negotiations, and navigating the publishing industry.

Marketing and Promotion: Effective marketing services can help authors reach a wider audience and promote their books successfully.

Online Presence Building: Creating an author website and utilizing social media can help authors connect with their audience.

Legal Services: Legal advice can be essential for contract negotiations, copyright issues, and protecting an author’s rights.

Podcast Scheduling: We will locate the most appropriate podcasts and radio shows and do the footwork to get you scheduled as a guest.

Collaboration Book Opportunities: You can become a published author without writing an entire book.

Media Exposure / PR Service: Get published on Media Sites along with Trust Badges such as “As Seen On NBC, CBS, ABC” & 100+ Sites

Website: We offer 1 package for $10,000, which includes a branded, fully responsive website with high end style and features. See Examples

Professional Photo Shoot: We offer professional photo shoot including photos to be used on book jackets, website, social media, any anywhere else you want to look best.
The services that will benefit an author the most depend on their specific needs, goals, and the stage of their writing career. For many authors, a combination of these services may be necessary to create and promote a successful book.

Of course we want to help you write, publish and promote the best book possible but we also want to make sure we deliver an experience you’ll love with our cake walk process.