Writing & Publishing Services

At WeHelpAuthors, we are committed to nurturing the creativity and talent of writers. We offer four distinct ways to help you write and publish your book.


You do all the writing, and we do the proofing and publishing.


For 6 Months
$21,000 Total


Let our A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Experts deliver the results you want without you doing any of the work.


For 2 Months
$5,000 Total


We guide you through the writing process, then we do the publishing.


For 12 Months
$38,400 Total


We interview you for the content, then we do the writing, editing and publishing.


For 10 Months
$45,000 Total


You get a bestselling Ghostwriter, Interviewer, Project Manager, and a customized process to fit your needs.

Built Around You

Min. Investment, $100,000

We realize that not everyone can afford our premium services which is why we offer our WeHelpAuthors™ Coaching Programs as well as Financial Aid, Grants, and Scholorships. We also offer a-la-carte author servcies and custom bundles.