Your book will start conversations and open doors.

Making sure you write the right book in the right way will be the difference between your finished book being a dream or a nightmare! Helping authors with this is Dave’s Superpower!

Don’t write your book just yet…

You want to write a book but Dave wants to you to slow down and he wants it to be world-class. Dan Sullivan (Strategic Coach®) told Dave that a book is like a message in a bottle…you never know what shores it will wash up on. Dave’s mission is to help you work out the desired end result and the strategy to write the book that will accomplish these goals and aspirations. This won’t happen by accident, it needs to be strategic and intentional.

Dave’s Strategic Process:

If you are looking to have a book that will do great things in the world, you’ve found the right guy to help you. Dave’s relaxed style makes a complex and difficult process feel easy and fun. Using special thinking tools and stress-free conversations, you’ll be shocked how fast the needle will move as you progress steadily through your author journey.

Who Dave Helps:

If you’re a cool person who wants to accomplish even more, Dave will be eager to help! Dave is relaxed and a master of accomplishment and getting things done well but he does not work with people who aren’t nice or who are so uptight that they make the process miserable. It must be fun!